[Conference] SCEJ 85th Annual Meeting and IChES 2020

Ogi, Rahmatika, and Kiet had presentations in SCEJ 85th Annual Meeting and IChES 2020 held in Osaka, Japan on March 15-17.

Takashi Ogi: Synthesis and control of nanostructured carbon particles via spray and liquid phase route, 2020/03/16 (Invited)

Rahmatika A. M., Kitamura T, Goi Y., Morita Y., Ogi T: Effect of Macropore Size of Silica-Supported Cellulose Nanofiber and Their Enhanced Performance for Protein Adsorption, 2020/03/17 (ORAL)

Cao K. L. A., Izawa T., Ogi T.: Facile and Efficient Synthesis of SiOx@C Core−Shell Particles as an Anode Material for Lithium Ion Batteries, 2020/03/17 (ORAL)

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