We are thrilled to announce that Yamashita has been awarded the BP (Best Poster) Prize at the Powder Technology Society's 2023 Autumn Research Presentation Meeting.

Out of the 44 poster presentations in the conference, only five BP (Best Poster) Awards were granted. This remarkable achievement truly highlights Yamashita's outstanding talent. Achieving this recognition in such a competitive environment is a testament to his remarkable dedication and expertise! Congratulations!!!

山下 俊輝


Le Hoai Phong received the grant from Hosokawa Powder Technology Foundation.


令和4年度 ホソカワ粉体工学振興財団 研究者育成の援助

Le Hoai Phong

研究テーマ: 粒子内部の相互接続ナノポアを駆使した環境触媒の開発


Eka Lutfi Septiani (D2) received the grant from Hosokawa Powder Technology Foundation.


令和4年度 ホソカワ粉体工学振興財団 研究者育成の援助

Eka Lutfi Septiani 

研究テーマ: 気中でのコアシェル型金属微粒子の精密合成と特性評価


Eka Lutfi Septiani (D2) received the 2022 Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering "Academic Encouragement Award". The presented research was recognized as novel and excellent, and an ambitious effort to lead the scientific and technological field.

Research subject: Experimental and numerical approach of the silica-coated softmagnetic particles production via aerosol process