[Conference]Spray Drying Symposium 2024 in Fraunhofer ISC, (Würzburg, Germany 4/8-9)

Prof. Ogi, Dr. Hirano, and Dr. Kiet had presentations in Spray Drying Symposium 2024 from 4/8-9, Würzburg, Germany.

荻先生、平野先生、Kiet先生がSpray Drying Symposium(4/8-9)に参加し、口頭発表を行いました。

・Takashi Ogi

「Cellulose Nanofiber as Building Blocks Constructing Biomass-based Nanostructured Particles」

・Tomoyuki Hirano and Takashi Ogi

「Multicore/shell Structures of ZnO/TiO2 Particle for Enhancing Acid Resistance as UV-Protective Material」

・Kiet Le Anh Cao and Takashi Ogi

「Advanced Synthesis of Porous Carbon Spheres from Kraft Lignin with Controllable Structures through a Spray Drying Process」

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