[Conference] 2023 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit(Boston USA, 11/26 – 12/1)

TueさんとPhongさんは、2023年11月26日から12月1日にかけて、アメリカ・ボストンで開催されたMaterials Research Society(MRS)学会において口頭発表を行いました。

Tue and Phong had an oral presentation in the 2023 Materials Reseach Society (MRS) conference in Boston, USA.

Tue Tri Nguyen, Takashi Ogi

High Specific Surface Areas and Interconnected Pore Networks of Porous Pectin Particles for Enhancement of Protein Adsorption Capacity

Phong Hoai Le, Takashi Ogi

Engineering Macroporous Structure Towards Enhancing Mass Transfer and Catalytic Performance of Three-Way Catalyst Particles

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