[Conference] 化学工学会第87年会 (Online, 3/16-18)

化学工学会第87年会(3/16-18)に平野君、phong君、 加世田君、北本君、坪井君、Kietさん、Ekaさん、Tue君が参加し、発表を行いました。

平野 知之,水谷 和揮,加藤 貴久,荻 崇


Tomoyuki Hirano, Kazuki Mizutani, Takahisa Katou, Takashi Ogi

"Development of tubular flame systems for fine-particle spheroidization"

Phong Hoai Le, Kiet Le Anh Cao, Yasuhiko Kitamoto, Tomoyuki Hirano, Takashi Ogi

" Synthesis of Porous Three-way Catalyst Particles using Template-assisted Spray Pyrolysis Method"(Poster)

北本 泰彦, Kiet Le Anh Cao, 荻 崇


Yasuhiko Kitamoto, Kiet Le Anh Cao, Takashi Ogi

"Synthesis of biomass-derived porous carbon particles using spray drying method and evaluation of electrode performanc"

加世田 将伍, 平野 知之, 荻 崇


Shogo Kaseda, Tomoyuki Hirano, Takashi Ogi

"Nanostructuration of UV-absorbing fine particles for acid resistance enhancement"

坪井 隆真, 平野 知之, 荻 崇

「Pt/Nb-SnO2 ナノ粒子のワンステップ火炎合成」(Poster)

Takama Tsuboi, Tomoyuki Hirano, Takashi Ogi

"Flame synthesis of Pt/Nb-SnO2 nanoparticles in one step"

Kiet Le Anh Cao, Takashi Ogi

"Precisely tailored synthesis of sustainable porous carbon spheres derived from Kraft lignin"

Eka Lutfi Septiani, Kiet Le Anh Cao, Tomoyuki Hirano, Nobuhiro Okuda, Hiroyuki Matsumoto, Yasushi Enokido, and Takashi Ogi

"Spherical and submicron-sized FeNi particles with controllable density for performance enhancement of the powder core inductor"

Tue Tri Nguyen, Masato Miyauchi, Kiet Le Anh Cao, Takashi Ogi

 Synthesis of Macroporous Pectin Particles with High Specific Surface Areas and Interconnected Pore Networks for Protein Adsorption Application

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