[Conference] 第38回エアロゾル科学・技術研究討論会


The 38th Aerosol Science and Technology Research Conference (8/26-27) was held online, and Hirano, Kito, Toyoda, Kaseda, Kitamoto, and Tsuboi had presentations.

・平野 知之


Tomoyuki Hirano

"Development of Innovative Process for Nanomaterial production by Hybridization of Aerosol Technology and Tubular Flame"

鬼頭 佑輔, 平野 知之, 荻 崇


Yusuke Kito, Tomoyuki Hirano, Takashi Ogi

"Synthesis of submicron-sized spherical YAG:Ce particles by flame-assisted spray pyrolysis

and evaluation of their fluorescence properties"

豊田 耀平, Annie Mufyda Rahmatika, 北村武大, 後居洋介, 森田祐子, 荻崇


Youhei Toyoda , Annie Mufyda Rahmatika, Takeo Kitamura , Yousuke Goi , Yuko Morita, Takashi Ogi  

"Spray synthesis of cellulose nanofiber/iron oxide composite porous particle"

加世田 将伍, 平野 知之, 荻 崇


Shogo Kaseda, Tomoyuki Hirano, Takashi Ogi

"Synthesis of ZnO-TiO2 composite particles via aerosol process and their acid resistance properties"

北本 泰彦, Cao Kiet Le Anh, 荻 崇


Yasuhiko Kitamoto, Cao Kiet Le Anh, 荻 崇

"Synthesis and characterization of porous carbon spheres through a spray drying method using biomass as raw materials"

坪井 隆真, 平野 知之, 荻 崇


Takama Tsuboi, Tomoyuki Hirano, Takashi Ogi

"Gas Phase Combustion Synthesis of Pt/Nb-SnO2 nanoparticles"

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