[Conference] 第23回化学工学会学生発表会  23rd SCEJ Students meeting


Kitamoto, Kaseda and Tsuboi had presentations in 23rd SCEJ Students meeting (on-line meeting)  on March 6.

北本 泰彦, Cao Kiet Le Anh, 荻 崇,噴霧乾燥法によるリグニン由来ポーラスカーボン粒子の合成と特性評価, 2021/3/6

Yasuhiko Kitamoto, Cao Kiet Le Anh, and Takashi Ogi, Synthesis of porous carbon particles derived from lignin by spray drying and their characteristic evaluation, 2021/3/6

加世田 将伍, 平野 知之, 荻 崇, 噴霧法によるZnO/SiO2複合粒子の合成と耐酸特性評価, 2021/3/6

Shogo Kaseda, Tomoyuki Hirano, Takashi Ogi, Synthesis of ZnO/SiO2 composite particles via spray method and their acid resistance properties, 2021/3/6

坪井 隆真,平野 知之,荻 崇,火炎噴霧熱分解法によるPt/Nb-SnO2ナノ粒子の合成と特性評価, 2021/3/6

Takama Tsuboi, Tomoyuki Hirano, Takashi Ogi, Synthesis of Pt/Nb-SnO2 nanoparticles via flame spray pyrolysis and their characterization, 2021/3/6

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